Doss Funeral Home




   Doss Funeral Home opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2005, offering a better choice to the residents of Knox County, Missouri. At one time Edina was home to three locally owned and operated funeral homes but two closed after many years of service and the remaining sold out to a larger entity outside of the county. Doss Funeral Home wants to offer the county a funeral home locally owned and operated not just one whose employees live local but is owned by outside interests.

    Building started in November of 2004 on the site that started out as a roller mill and throughout the years evolved into blacksmith shop, a car dealership, tractor dealership, and a repair shop before fire took its toll and the building removed. A spacious 8000 square foot building was erected by local craftsmen, from materials purchased right here in the county, and that is handicapped accessible both inside and out. Much of the furniture has roots in the county, from the pews, whose wood was cut and sawn by Cardwell Lumber, to office furniture, that was used many years by different businesses in the county. Please stop by and see for yourself.

    Jeff and Gail Doss would like to continue the professional and courteous service for which the funeral homes of the past were known.